Dong Lou Cun – The Ghost Town


so apologies for this blog being a day or two late, as I said in the last blog post, summer over here is a very busy time!

So last Saturday my girlfriend and I went to visit this old town which is about an hours bus ride away from where we live. The town is called Dong Lou Cun (Dong low Tsun).

On first arrival there is nothing overly special about the place, it’s your average poor backwater town. When stepping off the bus there is a big archway and moderately long road to walk down, and this was the road to our destination! We were headed for the part of the town that has been abandoned since 1987.

We walk for about 20 minutes, through what I would say was the poorest part of the town. However, poor it may have been, but dirty it was not! I was pleasantly surprised to see how clean the locals had kept the place, normally everywhere you go in China is dirty, dusty and covered in litter! However here was lovely!

Finally we came across the entrance to the abandoned part of town, another archway. If you were to walk past this with no knowledge of what was on the other side, you’d not think anything was out of the ordinary. However the second you cross the threshold the place is a practical ruin; trees, grass and weeds growing everywhere, buildings crumbling away, roofs caving in, and not another soul to be seen or heard. The only signs of human life we encountered were in the temple which I guess was used during Chinese New Year, and at the far end of the abandoned town there is one house which looked like it might have been lived in. Upon later inquiry we discovered that one man did in fact live there.

I have to say that of all the places I have been too in China so far, this is one of the most interesting and fascinating. Its a real little treasure, and one that is rarely, if ever visited by people. I have no idea why the place has been abandoned for 27 years, but whatever the reason for it, it has made for a very interesting experience and a lovely half day out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a much needed dose of peace and quiet!

Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took whilst there, I hope that you enjoy!


untitled (1 of 31)

So, we saw all these old ladies on the way to the bus stop, and I just thought that they would make a lovely photograph.

And this guy below is something you see a lot of this time of year, men walk around with their tops pulled up, revealing there somewhat unimpressive midriff for the world to see. I guess it just helps them stay a little cooler in this intense heat!

untitled (3 of 31)

Glass along the wall, I guess the locals want to try and keep people from stealing there fruit! The fruit is very delicious, though not quite ripe at the moment. The direct translation of this fruit is, “Dragon Eyes”untitled (5 of 31) untitled (6 of 31) untitled (8 of 31)

Below is the entrance to the abandoned part of town.untitled (9 of 31) untitled (10 of 31) untitled (12 of 31) untitled (13 of 31) untitled (14 of 31) untitled (15 of 31) untitled (16 of 31) These photos (above and below) were taken as you approach what was the temple. The paintings look beautiful still!untitled (17 of 31) My girlfriend told me that below is a list of house prices!untitled (18 of 31) untitled (19 of 31) untitled (20 of 31) untitled (21 of 31) untitled (22 of 31) untitled (23 of 31) untitled (24 of 31) untitled (25 of 31) untitled (26 of 31) untitled (27 of 31) untitled (28 of 31) untitled (29 of 31) Above and below were the only local residents of this part of town that we encountered!untitled (30 of 31) untitled (31 of 31)


So this was the abandoned town, there was a bit more that we didn’t get to have a good look around due to time constraints, so there is definitely a second trip required there! I would definitely recommend that anyone coming to visit Huizhou, takes half a day to get out to this small town. It was definitely worth the visit, if for nothing else than a bit of peace and quiet!

An amazing half day out!




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I am themanabroad, known by my friends as James and my colleagues as Zhan Mu Si (Jaa More Suur(James in Chinese)). I have always been enthusiastic about photography and travelling, since school always trying to sign up for photography classes that always got cancelled unfortunately. However, living in China has given me the time and opportunity to combine my two loves, so please come and join me in my life in South-East Asia.
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