Snake Market revisited!

Hey guys,

So I have been revisiting this snake market in the hope that I would be able to catch some better photos for you guys as I kinda feel like I let you all down a bit after hyping it up.

Well unfortunately I didn’t really catch any extra photos of snakes, but I did manage to get some other interesting little shots that I hope you will find interesting.

Some people may not want to view these photos, some of them are pretty gruesome, distressing to some and gnarly. Be warned!

untitled (1 of 27)

Not much of a cage for this little fella below! untitled (2 of 27) untitled (3 of 27) untitled (4 of 27)

No matter how many times I told my girlfriend that these were eels, she kept calling them snakes. But rest assured, these suckers are eels.untitled (5 of 27)

Ok, so opposite the eels we found this old boy cutting up a tortoise, we didn’t catch him killing the animal, but we saw him dissecting it. I have to say, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of meat on this little thing. My girlfriend found this hard to watch, and she is a local.untitled (6 of 27)

This below was the top shell.untitled (7 of 27) untitled (8 of 27) untitled (9 of 27) untitled (10 of 27)

This below is a wasp nest, they use the larvae and also some adult wasps to make an alcohol. They steep these in a locally brewed alcohol which is apparently good for men and their libido.untitled (11 of 27)

These shots below are something I never thought that I would ever see in a food market, a porcupine and badgers…not strictly legal over here we didn’t think. As I was shooting this the owner of the stall kept asking me to leave and stop photographing, but I felt like I just had to get photos of this and share it with the world. These people really do eat ANYTHING.untitled (12 of 27) untitled (13 of 27) untitled (14 of 27) untitled (15 of 27)

Eggs covered in…something to add flavour, no idea what and neither did my girlfriend.untitled (16 of 27) untitled (17 of 27) untitled (18 of 27)

I love these shots of this street sweeper in the below shots, he was a real character and seemed to love having his photo taken.untitled (19 of 27) untitled (20 of 27) untitled (21 of 27) untitled (23 of 27)


I hope you guys enjoyed these photos.


Stay tuned for more photos shortly from China.



About themanabroad

I am themanabroad, known by my friends as James and my colleagues as Zhan Mu Si (Jaa More Suur(James in Chinese)). I have always been enthusiastic about photography and travelling, since school always trying to sign up for photography classes that always got cancelled unfortunately. However, living in China has given me the time and opportunity to combine my two loves, so please come and join me in my life in South-East Asia.
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