The Beginning


So, this is the beginning. I have been living in China now since August 2012, before coming I had been thinking about starting up a blog about my time in China. Well now, after more than a year and a half I have finally begun.


In this blog I am going to be sharing with you my photos that I have been taking of people, events and general life that I see around me, things that interest me.


I hope that after seeing this people may get a bit more of an insight in to the life, culture and environment of the places I travel. At the current moment in time I am in South China, a city called Huizhou in the Guangdong province.


As I am writing this first post I am looking outside of the window to a view of absolute white. Being that we are in mid to late spring here we are experiencing torrential thunderstorms like I have never seen before. Within the space of 10 minutes it can go from being a beautiful blazing hot day, to an aggressive thunderstorm with forked lightening lighting up the sky. It really does amaze me.


Anyway, I shall leave it be for now on my first post, and I shall show you a view from my apartment window taken a few weeks back when their was a beautiful rainbow.

untitled (2 of 35)


I hope everyone enjoys these blogs.


TheManAbroad, James

PS. Here is a photo taken just now after the storm that I mentionedtest (2)


About themanabroad

I am themanabroad, known by my friends as James and my colleagues as Zhan Mu Si (Jaa More Suur(James in Chinese)). I have always been enthusiastic about photography and travelling, since school always trying to sign up for photography classes that always got cancelled unfortunately. However, living in China has given me the time and opportunity to combine my two loves, so please come and join me in my life in South-East Asia.
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